Library Inventory

B-1 Medallic Portraits of Washington, by Baker
B-2 New Impetus for Civil War Tokens, by Bardes
B-3 Undescribed Civil War Cards and Tokens, by Barnett
B-12 The Mussey Token, by Burrows
C-15 Sutler Token Rarities and Valuations, by Curto
C-16 List of sutler Tokens and Scrip, by Curto
D-4 The Albion Commercial College Token, by Dekeback
E-8 The Preservartion of Coins, by Epps
F-8 Subject Index of Adams Photographs in Hetrich and Guttag “Civil War Tokens and Tradesman Cards” by George Fuld, Melvin Fuld, Edward H. Davis. Reprinted from Numismatic Scrapbook Magazine October 1954. (6)
F-11 The Wealth of the South Tokens, by Fuld
F-12 The Tokens of the Boutwells of Troy, N.Y., by Fuld
F-13 The Storecards of Robinson & Ballou, by Fuld
F-14 The Tokens of the Great Central Fair, by Fuld
F-15 US Civil War Tokens, Coinage of the Americas Conference at the American Numismatic Society, New York, Oct 29,1994, pamphlet 15 pages, by Fuld
F-30 US Civil War Store Cards, 2nd edition (first printing), Fuld,
F-50 Patriotic CW Tokens, George & Melvin Fuld, 4th Edition (2)
F-52 Die Photos & Fuld/Moore Listings Update of the 4th Edition (softcover) (5)
F-55 Patriotic CW Tokens, George & Melvin Fuld, 5th Edition
H-4 Indiana Merchant Issuers of the C.W.T. Business Directory, by Hamm
H-5 Civil War Tokens and Traadesmen Cards, by Hetrick & Guttag
H-12 Michigan Store Card of Grand Havaen (360-B), by Hubbard
L-5 Wm. F. Lutz, Civil War Engraver of Cinn. O., by Lindesmith
L-6 The Business Card Civil War Die, by Lindesmith
L-7 Rhode Island Toekens, by Lindesmith
M-1 WI Art History booklet, “My Life”, an autobiography, John Marr, 1998 West Bend Art Museum (2)
M-10 The Stoner & Shroyer Tokens, by Moore
N-8 New Hampshire Card, by Nudd
O-1 Civil War Store Cards of Cincinnati, by John Ostendorf
P-5 Metallic Currency Patented by Gault, by Peal
Q-2 Memorial Day Story (Henry C. Welles, Waterloo, NY), by Quagliana
S-1 That Virginia Civil War Token, by Schenkman
S-2 Clarksburg Civil War Token, by Schramn
S-4 Civil War Sutler Tokens and Cardboard Scrip, by Schenkman
S-5 Civil War Sutler Tokens and Cardboard Scrip, 2nd Edition, by Schenkman (Irons)
T-2 American Token Reprints from “The Numismatist,” by TAMS
W-2 Guide to Wisconsin Civil War Tokens, by Watson

Auction Catalogues:
Auction Catalogue – Kreesberg, 11/29/65
Auction – US Coins, Fuld-Merkin, 4/1/66
Auction – VA Numismatics 9/22-23/67
Auction – Rare Coins and Currency, Seitz, Yorktown VA, 3/8-9/68
Auction – Harmer-Rooke – A Million Dollar Sale, 11/17-22/1969
Auction – Fuld, 8/15/71, Part I, 36th
Auction – Fuld, Part II, 37th
Auction - Dorge, MD 10/24/73
Auction – US, Foreign & CW, 10/2/72, Kabealo
Auction – US, Foreign & CW, 9/10/73, Kabealo
Auction - Presidential #52, Nathan Eglit Collection of Columbiana, 6/27/92
Auction - Presidential #53, 12/5/92
Auction - Presidential #54, 7/10/93
Auction - Presidential #55, 12/4/93
Auction - Presidential #56, The Ganter Collections, 6/25/94
Auction - The 1994 ATCO Token Sale, Sale 113, 9/3/94
Auction - Presidential #57, The Ganter Collections Part II, 11/19/94
Auction - Kurt Krueger, American Collectibles Exonumia, 5/2/95
Auction - Presidential #58, 7/29/95
Auction - Bowers & Merena, The Rogers M. Fred, Jr. and Peter A. Ward collections, 11/13/94
Auction - Presidential #59, 12/9/95
Auction - Bowers & Merena, The Collections of Thomas H. Sebring & Gunther P. Garbe, 3/21/96
Auction - Presidential #60, 6/21/96
Auction - Coin Galleries (Stacks), 11/9/96
Auction - Bowers & Merena, The Andrew S. Alexander Collection, 11/14/96
Auction -Presidential #61, 11/16/96
Auction -Bowers & Merena, The Louis E. Eliasberg, Sr. Collection, 4/6/97
Auction - Presidential #62, 5/16/97
Auction - Bowers & Merena, The Pennsylvania Cabinet, 11/13/97
Auction - Presidential #63, The Charles McSorley Collection, 11/15/97
Auction - Presidential #64, The Charles McSorley Collection Part II, 7/10/98
Auction - The 1998 Lakeland Collectorama Auction (Kirtley), 10/13/98
Auction - Bowers & Merena, The Cabinets of Craig M. Morgan and Stephen C. Leckar, 11/12/98
Auction - Presidential #65, Hard Times Sale, 3/20/99
Auction - World Exonumia Sale 10 (Hartzog), 6/29/99
Auction - Bowers & Merena, The Lindesmith & LaRiviere Collections, 11/11/99
Auction - Presidential #66, The Robert J. Centola Collections, 11/13/99
Auction - Presidential #67, 6/3/00
Auction - Presidential #68, The Richard B. Dusterberg Collection, 10/28/00
Auction - Presidential #70, The Robert Marcus Collection, 12/1/01
Auction - Presidential #72, The Charles Litman Collection of Hard Times Tokens, 12/6/03
Auction - Presidential #73, The Litman, Sullivan & Dreyfuss Collections, 12/4/04
Auction - Presidential #74, 12/10/05

Mail Bid Auction Results from as early as 1970’s – various, in expanding folder

CWTS Journals:
CWTS Journals, Vol 1, No. 1 Autumn 1967 – Winter 2014 [missing V11 N1, and all of V14-17]
CWTS Journal Volumes 1-6 – (5)
CWTS Journal Volumes 7-10 –(3)
CWTS Journal Volumes 11-16
CWTS Journal Volumes 16-20
CWTS Journal Volumes 21-25 (2)
CWTS Journal Volumes 26-30 (2)

CD-"Untapped Potential of Civil War Tokens" by Q. David Bowers presented at the ANA's World's Fair of Money, Philadelphia, August 2012.
CD with instructions etc. in Word 2000 to make copies of the slide program information

VHS tapes:
WI Civil War Tokens, by Kraft
Money History in Your Hands

Civil War Tokens Storecards   72 slides     commentary  
Sutler Token Slide Program 77 slides 2 boxes     commentary  
Patriotic Civil War Tokens  48 slides      commentary       
Civil War Sutlers and Their Tokens  
Trobough 44 slides    commentary    History of CW Tokens - commentary  
3 metal Slide Files, in cardboard boxes
Blue box full of orange envelopes, negatives and photos of various states, Store Cards
Introduction to CW Tokens in Folder
One Brown Box, 12”x7x3-1/2 containing 3x5” CW token photos
One Green Box, 12x6x3-1/2 containing 3x5” CW token photos
One packet letter envelopes with CW token photos, labeled Page 1-46
One heavy cardboard box, 10x13x7-1/2, CW token photos

CWTS Certification of Incorporation letters
Minutes, 1989-1991, in expanding folder
Correspondence, 1st drafts, Fuld, in expanding folder
Packet from Fauver on Sutler Letters [turned out not to be letters from a sutler, but merely letters from a soldier]
A token collection, "Civil War Token Planchet Metals" in plastic display container (valued as of 8/19/96 at $1500.00). This is a display of 8 versions (copper thin and thick, brass, copper-nickel, nickel, German silver, white metal, and silver) of 56/161 in an 8 1/2 x 11 holder with information regarding the alloy, specific gravity, etc.

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